The Dinner (Oren Moverman – 2017) D+

The book “The Dinner” is a very good novel about family dysfunction, class, politics and mental illness. All this is set to the backdrop of one dinner at a fancy Dutch restaurant. At the table are two couples, the men are brothers. One is a political riser and the other an out of work history teacher. The plot proceeds along with the courses from amuse bouche to first course and all through dessert. It’s a book I enjoyed very much….hold on though! This is not about the book but about this adaptation of it with Richard Gere, Steve Coogan, Rebecca Hall and Laura Linney. Well, that is not very good. It seems to miss the whole point of the book and just tries to be something more than a confusingly edited mess. The best part were the performances by Linney and Hall and that’s about it.


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