Cafe Society (Woody Allen – 2016) B+

It’s a sweet love story on the surface but also a contrast between the NYC of the 1930s and Los Angeles. Bobby goes to Hollywood to make a career in the movie business. He has an uncle, named Phil and played with a sharp Steve Carrell, there who is a successful agent to many stars and can hook him up. Instead he ends up running errands for the cantankerous man but the silver lining is that he falls for the soft spoken Vonnie (maybe Kristen Stewart’s best role?) who is his uncle’s assistant and she starts showing Bobby around town. Some twists and turns in this lovely flick kept me interested. What worked more is the lush look of the film. The color in LA that is bathed in bright sunset orange that matches the characters outfits if not their personalities. It seems kind of idealistic but fake compared to New York. Even the family he leaves in New York seems more real and definitely more rough. By the time we get to the film’s namesake café and club I was very deeply invested in all the characters, their love stories, the locations and the beautiful art that Woody Allen manages to, more often than not, successfully put on the screen.


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