The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (Tom Gormican – 2022) B+

I had a blast watching this one. It's silly, funny and for one who is very familiar with and loves the work of Nick Cage, it's a brilliant experience. That really helps because the movie refers to a lot of Cage's movies and it's more effective if you know what the hell they are talking …

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Possessor (Brandon Cronenberg – 2021) B+

Remote targeted assassination is the simple description for the jumping-off plot of this film. We quickly get introduced to the shocking and graphic nature of how this work gets done in the first 15 minutes. The assassin basically possesses the body of a candidate utilizing a tech-organic interface thing and uses that to compete the …

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The Northman (Robert Eggers – 2022) A-

Robert Eggers does not make movies that are easily accessible or "mainstream". So, this one by his standards is definitely his most accessible film. A simple plot about vengeance based on ancient Norse myth, straightforward storytelling and pacing, and no talking fish, mermaids or devil goats (see The Witch and The Lighthouse for reference to …

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