Annie Hall (Woody Allen – 1977) A+

I’ll admit I was poised to love this movie. I’ve heard so much about it, how fresh it was in dealing with the subject of relationships, how Allen uses so many techniques to tell this very ordinary story and how this is considered one of his best work.

 Well, it is all true, decades after it’s release AH still is one of the best movies I’ve seen about relationships (a romantic comedy!).  Another that come semi-close to that is When Harry Met Sally. Like most of Allen’s films, at least the great ones, this one isvery personal and real. It makes us feel like we really are privy to the filmakers honest to God thoughts feelings and more often than not, frustrations. I also love Diane Keaton here, she is genuinely cute and lovable. It is funny, but it goes beyond comedy and gives us a snapshot of dating and love between two ordinary people.

Another area that very few filmakers excel at is making really normal behaviors and situations amusing. I mean why is it so funny when Alvy tells Annie that she has a spider the size of a Buick in her bathroom? Why is his extreme irrtation at the guy behind him in the line at the movie theatre so worth watching over and over? His ideas about LA? His face when Annie orders her Pastrami on white bread with mayo, lettuce and tomato…. 


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