Delicatessen (Marc Caro, Jean-Pierre Jeunet – 1991) B+

Very similar in style to their City of Lost Children, COLC, (or should I say COLC is similar to this one since it is the newer of the two…no matter I saw Delicatessen after seeing COLC). So, it looks great and has some fantastic shots and images, like the shot going up  the plumbing of the old building or the montage when the butcher is having sex and the whole building and its residents’ activities seem to be in sync with his humping. I also like all the close ups of the actors faces that seems to exaggerate all their features. Works well to make them seem like futuristic mutants rather than ordinary human beings. As for the plot, I think it is better and much wickedly funnier than COLC but the strenght of both films ultimately is in the whole mood and visual appeal.


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