A Ghost Story (David Lowery – 2017) A-

This is a haunting film unlike any “ghost” movie I’ve ever seen. Before you think this is a horror or fantasy of some sort and head to your favorite streaming service, be forewarned this is a unique perspective on the whole haunting thing. The ghost is played by Casey Affleck who is killed in a car accident close to his house. He wakes up as a ghost literally with a bed sheet on and holes for eyes. Sounds like silly slapstick but it is a thoughtful and touching story told pretty much from the ghosts’s perspective as he tries to watch over his widow (Rooney Mara). Time passes, people move in and out of his house…he’s stuck there waiting for something. I don’t think he even knows what it is. We feel he is sad even if we cannot see his face. He gets mad and scares a family away…more people move in. The house is falling apart and much more time passes and loops back. It is weird and difficult to describe and framed in a way that makes it seem like a moving photograph. It’s not a film for everyone but it is a special piece of art that I am glad exists and will watch from time to time.


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