Room (Lenny Abrahamson – 2015) A+

It’s a harrowing experience watching Room and it’s one of the best films of 2015. I knew very very little about it beyond a woman and her child living in a room. I knew it got great reviews but I had read none of them and I am so glad I saw this with none of that knowledge. The performance of that 5-year old kid here is so damn good and heart wrenching. He is perfect in the role of Jack. Humans adapt, survive and heal. In Room we get a film with two acts telling us exactly that story. It’s tough to talk about Room without spoiling it so suffice it to say that this perfect movie will be tough to watch but it is a remarkable piece of work with perfect direction, perfect performances and scenes that so wonderfully capture human emotion that it would be tough not to hold your breath and some tears back throughout.


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