Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief (Alex Gibney – 2015) A

It’s crazy how an organization, a cult really, based on the writings and insane ramblings of a self admitted crazy person with billions of dollars in its coffers can remain tax exempt while it freely commits crimes. Going Clear does a great job of exposing the crimes that happened and continue to happen under the guise of Scientology. It shows much footage of the person who started the whole thing, L. Ron Hubbard (or LRH as the brainwashed call him), and his motivations – namely how to make money and not pay taxes. The most compelling and horrific stuff though relates to the current chairman, Miscavige, a true megalomaniac cult leader. We get a clear picture of how he controls his church’s image, the extortion war he waged on the IRS and how he keeps his subjects (including people like Tom Cruise) in check. Other than providing me with a fascinating exposè of Scientology, Going Clear really puts The Master in perspective. P.T. Anderson’s movie makes much more sense now. I need to revisit that for sure.


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