The World’s End (Edgar Wright – 2013) B+

It’s funny and charming in it’s own British way. I like that a lot. This one is the third in what is known as the Cornetto Trilogy and it’s a very good entry. The premise is that five high school buddies, now in their middle age, brought back together by the leader of the pack (Simon Pegg) to do what they failed to do on their last day of high school. They need to go on the 20-pub crawl in one night in their quaint hometown ending in the pub known as The World’s End. The comedy works and the film has many funny moments but it really is a bit more than that. The character played by Pegg, Gary King, is the only one who never changed out of the group. He still wears the same clothes, talks in the same manner and even drives the same car. He’s the guy who peaked in high school and never went anywhere in life. The idea that going back and finishing the pub crawl will fix everything is really his. It’s his way of “doing something”. Everyone is different by now though including their hometown and it’s residents.

This is a concept most of us are familiar with. We like to think that we can go back home and do what we used to do exactly the way we used to do it as if that mythical home town is stuck in some time warp and never changes. The World’s End takes that idea to the extreme and plunges our heroes into a literall war to save mankind all wrapped in a funny charming package.


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