Zero Dark Thirty (Katheryn Bigelow – 2012) A

In chronological order and from the point of view of one persistent CIA field agent, played brilliantly by Jessica Chastain, we get an account of how Osama bin Laden was found and terminated. The film has many fine qualities, from excellent characters and performances to clear solid directing, but I want to highlight the finale here. Of course, I am talking about the raid that took OBL out in Pakistan. Bigelow does such a phenomenal job with those last thirty minutes or so that I want to just watch that over and over. We get to see the raid clearly from the starting point at a US base where SEAL team 6 takes two choppers to the OBL compound. Then we go with the team as they clear what seems like room by room the sprawling compound. This is intense nerve-wrecking film making even if we know how the film is going to end.


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