The Hangover (Todd Phillips -2009) A-

The situation is definitely full of opportunities for great comedy and the actors do a fantastic job, especially Galifianakis.  However, I think this works so well because of the way it is structured. I love the idea that neither us nor the characters have any idea as to what happened on that one seemingly-crazy Vegas bachelor party and just have to figure it out as we go along using bizarre clues (a baby, a cop car, a hooker, a naked Asian dude and of course a tiger). It’s really a Jason Bourne situation without the martial arts and just more funny. I’m just not sure where the chicken fits in.


One thought on “The Hangover (Todd Phillips -2009) A-

  1. Stallion

    See! I kept wondering about the chicken myself. I think they may have cut that part out, as to the ‘how it gets in the room’.

    Thoroughly fun! Mike Tyson revamped a totally overplayed Phil Collins song too!


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