Boiler Room (Ben Younger – 2000) C-

Starts off fine, actually more than fine, it was pretty good,  then Ben Affleck shows up and rips the film to shreds with his overacting. Right after that the script itself seems to wander off and go nowhere. I still did not hate it because of Ribisi and Rifkin, both deliver very good performances as the son and father that Boiler Room really revolves around.


3 thoughts on “Boiler Room (Ben Younger – 2000) C-

  1. Stallion

    Honestly, Affleck is limited. The most intersting thing I have seen him do since his decent work in both in Chasing Amy and Good Will Hunting, was Hollywood Land. And my generosity toward his limited artistry in that was largely driven by the nostalgia, and the Noir aspect of the film.

    As to the fast paced environment, Affleck ripped his performance right from Alec Baldwin in the masterpiece film, Glengarry Glenn Ross. If you have not seen that, you will enjoy it tremendously. While it is not fast-paced, it is cuttthroat, and the affect of the antagonist lead salesman persona is the same. It is one of the best things that Baldwin has ever done, and he would not even come close to such a moment on screen until his comeback performance in The Cooler.

    I know, Afflecks to Oranges… Keep an eye on his brother, Casey, who has a degree in Physics from Columbia, no less. His performances have promise.



  2. I love Glengarry Glennross and have seen it many times. It’s one of those movies where I can never change the channel whenever its on. Jack Lemon does a great job there as well.


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