Triangle of Sadness (Ruben Östlund – 2022) A

A sharp satire of the rich, modern fame and the crazy class and social media culture. It is divided into several chapters and all are so well written and acted. One of my favorites is probably the dinner scene where a male model and his girlfriend (also a model) are arguing about how come he has to pay for dinner every time and why she expects him to. Ostlund has a knack for taking simple human interactions to the extreme and following them to their “natural” conclusion, talk about them over and over, grill them over coals and have his characters discuss them. In at least two of his films (Force Majeure and The Square) these interactions are just one short event that result in big impacts to those involved. This one is his most subversive and surreal. It’s about a cruise ship for the super rich that encounters some “difficulties”. It’s about a major event that upends their lives and how they need to start adjusting to this new normal they are finding themselves in where money and fame do not count for much. It does not take too much to obliterate the current normal. This is a good and bad thing. Security and safety is right over the next hill most likely, yet no one seems to figure out how to get there.


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