The Square (Ruben Östlund – 2017) B+

As he is trying to put up a controversial art exhibit an art museum curator runs into a couple of issues. Christian (Claes Bang) is the charming and well-respected art curator for a modern art museum in Stockholm. The Square is a simple exhibit, a literal square that invites observers to think about the world and their place in it and altruism. It’s the kind of banal easily-laughed off work of “art” that is supposed to get people talking I guess. The PR firm who is supposed to promote it goes a bit overboard, Christian is pre-occupied with the theft of his phone and does not pay attention to what they are doing. At the same time he responds very badly to said theft and gets embroiled in a weird xenophobic and racial problem because of that. At the same time he is also juggling the issue of his relationship with an American journalist (Elizabeth Moss) who apparently seems to own a chimpanzee in her apartment. It’s really entertaining film with sharp and aggressive criticism of modern social structures, class and the art world that all come into a head due to a few simple bad decisions.

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