Never Let Me Go (Mark Romanek – 2010) A-

A coming of age story. Excellent tender performances and a heart breaking movie. Oh and these kids we meet from young teen years to adulthood are clones. Their purpose is to grow up and start “donating” their organs as needed to those who need it. That is their purpose. Do clones have a soul? I’m not sure any of us do really but what about love? Should they even try to live a life, fall in love knowing that soon they will be gone? At the end of the day this story is posing questions that make us wonder about our own lives and purpose. Isn’t that what we do as well. We do not know if we will be here tomorrow yet we still proceed as if we have all the time in the world. Anyways, this is a fantastic film and a subtle science fiction story that feels at home set in Victorian England or a 100 years in the future.


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