Breathless (Jean-Luc Godard – 1960 ) A

According to Roger Ebert, this is where modern movies started. The birth of jump fast cuts (sometimes illogically), the anti-hero who is downright unlikable, a plot that is at all not a plot, but a series of dialogues and scenes and posturing. We are hanging out with Laszlo Kovacs (Jean Paul Belmondo) and his girlfriend Patricia (Jean Seberg) for most of the movie. He’s a small time crook who recently graduated to cop-killing but fancies himself a renegade philosopher. He shows no remorse as he is waiting on some money he is owed in Paris and making plans with Patricia to flee to Italy. They talk a lot, they smoke, they don’t particularly discuss anything interesting. It’s mostly banter, kind of like the crooks and criminals’ conversations in Tarantino movies. We wonder why she is hanging out with this guy, perhaps she is bored. It’s not surprising where it ends up, it’s was a great fun getting there.

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