Blonde (Andrew Dominik – 2022) D+

I almost feel bad saying this film sucks because it really is a very well-made piece of art, it looks great and Ana De Armas is acting her heart out as Norma Jeane/Marilyn Monroe. Yet, it does not work for me. It’s a one tone song, a one trick pony that hammers its point over and over again. It’s main point? Well, it’s the abuse that Norma had to endure and endure on the hands of all these men and then endure some more and be forced to graphically abort a fetus, and lose another and then fellate the president…until it feels like the main reason for this film’s existence is to torture Monroe for 2 hours without saying much of anything else. Apparently this is based on a fiction book about Monroe’s life. Maybe the book has a deeper level, one could hope. I doubt I’ll be reading it any time soon.


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