Prey (Dan Trachtenberg – 2022) A

It’s such a shame that this did not have a theatrical release. It deserves to be seen on a large screen with the best possible audio. It’s a Predator film set in 1719 with the main protagonist a young Comanche woman called Naru played so spectacularly by Amber Midthunder. It’s a great entry in this admittedly stale franchise and on par with the first film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger (I went back and saw that and the second one and might check out some others in the series that I have not seen). This one has awesome fight scenes, glorious vistas, great creature/weapons effects and fun hand to hand combat. I cannot emphasize enough how great those well-choreographed fight scenes are pitting Comanche warriors against the much more advanced predator. They are clear, brutal and make sense. Naru also has a long fight scene taking down a group of men that I liked the first time and really loved it when I saw the film the second time around. It’s a rare movie that is combines great action and deeper thematic elements, in this case about the shifting role of predator and prey in the world. This is one of those rare breeds.

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