The Gentlemen (Guy Richie – 2019) B+

I liked this more than I expected. It’s a film with no subtext or messages or really anything you are intended to think about an hour after it is finished. Yet, it is not forgettable. It’s fun to watch the cool performance (and awesome wardrobe) of Mathew McConaughey as the big-time London drug dealer Mickey Pearson who is planning an exit from the game, the eccentric performance delivered by Hugh Grant as the gossip reporter Fletcher, the solid strong performance of Michelle Dockery as Mickey’s steely wife Rosalind and the likable tough street-level Colin Farrell as Coach. It’s all wrapped in a slightly convoluted but not confusing storytelling method that Richie deploys for no other reason I think than that it is fun and cool to watch. Yeah, it’s a blast of a movie.


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