La Piscine (Jacque Deray – 1969) A

Alain Delon (Jean-Paul) and Romy Schneider at the heights of their power in this awesome hot summer in St. Tropez film. They are lovers wiling away the summer by the pool in a beautiful villa. They seem to be having a great time sunbathing and making love. Then her ex-lover Harry and his pretty daughter stop by for a few days. Obviously this is not a great idea for anyone. Tensions rise, the sun is hot, Jean-Paul is feeling insecure (after all we learn he is not having a lot of success as writer, unlike Harry the famous music producer), everyone is pretty and the conclusion is something I saw coming and yet kind of did not. It’s perhaps due to the very “polite” and subtle conversations of these French people as tensions are simmering under the surface yet they are still not above sharing a cool aperitif and smoke Gauloises together.


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