Nope (Jordan Peele – 2022) A-

It’s a spectacle movie with a big S. Not really scary but more reminded me of Jaws than anything else. Yet it is more than brainless fun. Peele is really showing more and more exceptional film-making chops as he sets scene after scene of beautifully composed vistas and thrilling set pieces. I really wish I had watched this in IMAX. The performances are all excellent and on point. It’s a film that on a surface is simply about a brother and a sister who want to save their ranch by capturing what they believe is an alien flying saucer and selling the footage. It works on that level providing thrills, scares and some funny moments. What it is also about how silly we are when we think we can tame the wild. This is weaved throughout and is the main crux of the Gordy the chimp and the Steven Yeun character’s plot line. At the end of the day it is also a film about movie making and getting the perfect shot and this is something that I like a lot.


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