Everything Everywhere All At Once (The – 2022) A+

So glad I just blind bought this because I have seen it twice already and will revisit again. It deserves all the accolades it is getting on all levels. It is fun, it is brilliantly constructed, and everyone in it (especially Michelle Yeoh) is perfect. Going in without even seeing a trailer I was initially confused as to what the hell this is. Comedy? Slapstick? Sure. Excellent Sci-fi tale? That too. A story about immigrants, family and love? Definitely. A deep philosophical exploration of life, the choices we make and appreciating what we have? Yeap. Does it all actually come together and work? Hell yes it does. It is a sweet gem of a film, made with care and passion. The fact that it even manages to reference and pay homage to Wong Kar-Wai’s movies in one of the universes and have butt plug/penis jokes in another and pepper in a mini-story about Ratatouille is genius.

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