Windfall (Charlie McDowell – 2022) B

The music, the opening long shot of the open patio door, the escalating tension all remind me of Hitchcock. I liked it despite of what I’m about to type next. It mostly works as a simple breaking and entry film (hey! no one was supposed to be home!) that escalates but it does not really deliver the message that it seems to want to deliver very successfully. Jesse Plemons as usual steals every damn scene he is in and plays the role of the rich Silicone Valley asshole very well. By the end though, shocking and seemingly neat as it wants to be, I am still not sure of who this Jason Segel character is (we get no names for anyone here), what the wife is really planning now,…Oh are we supposed to sympathize with one or the other or the other? Fun time, well-made and directed but could use a few more script iterations.

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