Amour (Michael Haneke – 2012) A+

It’s damn tough getting old and dying with dignity. This is one of the toughest brilliant films I have seen. It chronicles Georges and Anne’s story, but instead of the typical meet-cute love story this is the love story that happens at the end of that initial meeting. Some decades later. They are loving, cultured, retired music teachers in Paris. Anne gets a stroke and we live with them as Georges tries to take care of her, maintain his sanity and both of their privacy and independence. They have a daughter who means well, but she lives in London with her husband and cannot put her self in her dad’s shoes as her mom gets worse and he -seemingly- obstinate in respecting Anne’s wishes of not going back to the hospital. It’s all shot inside the apartment with long shots that never let up, the actors are superb. It’s a tender, sweet and deeply sad film that leaves a mark.


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