The King’s Man (Mathew Vaughn – 2022) B+

This prequel is pretty good and a huge improvement over the second one in this franchise (a film that gets worse and worse as I look back at it). Set during WWI it’s the origin story of the Kingsman. It’s actually surprisingly subdued for almost the first half as it tells us the story of Duke Orlando Oxford (Ralph Fiennes) and his son Conrad. Orlando became a pacifist after recognizing the barbarity of British colonialism and the death of his wife. Enter WWI, bad people are stirring up trouble, Rasputin is messing things up in Russia, some other dude is agitating Germany and Conrad wants to enlist. It’s a very good looking and fun film with cool set pieces and action. Not sure we will get a fourth film in this franchise but if we do I sure would be up for it.


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