The Batman (Matt Reeves – 2022) A

An excellent take on this favorite of mine in the super hero genre. It’s the dark Dark Knight in detective mode. The way -I think- the character was conceived. By dark I do not mean violent and murder-y and mad at the world like the crappy Snyder version. This one is dark as in a noir film, all rain, reds, blacks, fog and fire accompanied by a great score. It’s also a film that gives Batman a story arc and character arc where the man at the end of the movie is markedly different than the one from where we started. He learns a thing or two. The film does owe a lot to my favorite Batman film (The Dark Knight and that trilogy) but I think that is a positive. Pattinson is great as the main character and all the cast (Zoe Kravitz as Selena Kyle, Jeffrey Wright as Gordon, an unrecognizable Colin Farrell, Paul Dano as Riddler…) supporting him are excellent. I do wish we got more of Paul Dano’s Riddler earlier in the movie. On an other villains note, I really hope the next installment is not going to do the Joker again.


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