Days of Being Wild (Kar-Wai Wong- 1990) B+

The central character, Yuddy (Leslie Cheung), is a man in arrested development. Raised by and ex prostitute and deeply yearning to know who his mom is. The only thing he does know from his adoptive mom is that is is from the Philippines. This probably explains a lot about his relationships with the two women in the film. His lack of commitment and his detached attitude towards both of them who fall for him. We see glimpses of the more mature future Kar-Wai style that shows up in better films like Chunking Express and In the Mood for Love. Time, clocks, short but impactful relationships and circular coincidences have their echoes here. It’s a good movie that takes a little bit longer than I would have liked to start coming together but it fits in neatly with this director’s other pieces set in the 1960s.


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