L’Avventura (Michelangelo Antonioni – 1960) B

It’s a beautiful film to watch and the late Monica Vitti is marvelous in it. She plays Claudia whose best friend, the wealthy Anna, goes missing while they are (in addition to Anna’s boyfriend Sandor and a seemingly way too many other couples to fit on a small boat) on a vacation to a small rocky island off the Sicily coast. They start the search for Anna and seemingly out of the blue Claudia and Anna’s hubby Sandro fall in love. Not sure if it is the odd sliminess that comes off Sandro or maybe just the style of over-the-top Italian 60s performances (I like that sometimes) that I could not get into. It is a leisurely movie as we go along with Anna and Sandro as they spend days together in various scenic spots. I like that, but that central romance that we are intended to take very seriously just did not work work me.


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