After Hours (Martin Scorsese – 1985) B+

It’s a strange, crazy, fun and funny film set in New York city, at night. The entire movie timeline is over one miserable night that Paul Hacket (Griffin Dunn) has to live through. It all starts off as he heads out to meet a cute girl (Rosanna Arquette) he met at the diner. Her roommate supposedly makes cool sculptures that he wants to buy or at least this is the subtext. As stuff gets more and more messy, he loses his cab fare, he runs into various zany characters, he becomes wanted for murder (or theft? maybe both?) and all he wants to do is get back home…but see the subway fare just went up to $1.05 after midnight and all he has is $0.95. The exchange with the subway attendant alone is work the price of admission.


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