The Big Chill (Lawrence Kasdan – 1983) A-

A mutual friend’s funeral brings our cast of characters together for a weekend in South Carolina. He killed himself and these college group of friends all living disparate lives with various levels of contentment and success are back together. They talk, drink, reminisce and have their ups and downs. Why did their buddy (we never see him) do this is the main central topic of conversation that they keep coming back to. Should they have been able to help him before he did that? jeez…what happened to us…we were so close we had dreams and now we are “here”. It’s a well-cast and excellent movie about life, about getting old and about connections. I suspect I might’ve gotten less out of it had I seen it 10 or 15 years ago. Or maybe gotten something different out of it. This was my first time watching this and I will be revisiting in the future. In many ways I suspect it will be like Stand by Me or My Dinner with Andre (I re-watched this in the last couple of weeks too) where it seems to add new layers to every re-watch as I get older and my perspectives shift.


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