Into the Wild (Sean Penn – 2007) A-

I enjoyed this film quiet a bit. `I sympathized and could relate a bit to Chris McCandless, the subject of this movie. It stayed with me even if his actions were very extreme in abandoning all that he has on life after graduating from Emory and setting off on a nomadic life of sort hitchhiking, doing various jobs, and making his way to Alaska. It did not end well for him due to a mistake he made foraging in Alaska and possibly some miscalculation. Yet, what we see on the screen by and large is a young man who traveled the country, met interesting people and did not ask for much. Beyond the philosophical or social points of view though, this is a beautiful movie. It looks great and is very well made. Emile Hirsch delivers an excellent performance and exudes passion and love for life throughout (I had to rewind a scene where he is basically eating an apple!). I quiet liked how Sean Penn who directed and wrote this chose to tell the story of McCandless starting from the point of him getting to Alaska and then flashbacks of his sister, parents, privileged upbringing and the long road that got him here.


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