Uncut Gems (Benny and Josh Safdie – 2019) A

You don’t really like Howard, but you sort of do. He is a hustler, jewelry and gem dealer in Manhattan’s diamond row. He is also a frenetic hyper personality who does not shut up. He owes money to everyone. He borrows from this guy to pay the next guy and pawns items he does not own because, well, he will have the money from that block of uncut gem he just got from Ethiopia and he will surely win the next crazy sports bet he is making to pay the guy who lent him a basketball ring. He is also having an affair with one of his employees who he might or might not actually love. It’s exhausting to watch Uncut Gems, yet it is a true gem of a movie and Adam Sandler does a brilliant job as the gambling sad crazy Howard Ratner.


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