Paterson (Jim Jarmusch- 2016) A-

Paterson (Adam Driver) lives in Paterson, NJ. He is a metro bus driver/poet. He is married to the eccentric Laura (Golshifteh Farahani). They have an English bulldog. Laura likes to have everything in monochrome black and white. She also wants to be a country singer or maybe a cup cake maker. Paterson drives his bus, listens to conversations of his passengers, has a beer at the bar at night while walking the dog and writes poetry. He also loves William Carlos Williams who is a poet native to Paterson, NJ. This really is more or less the movie, a series of days, repetition and conversations and I enjoyed it very much. Is it about nothing? Maybe. Like all of Jarmusch’s work it either works for you or it really really does not.


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