Doctor Sleep: Director’s Cut (Mike flanagan – 2019) A

Good adaptations of Stephen King’s work are few and far between, especially the horror ones. This, the sequel to his novel The Shining, is an excellent one! The extended director’s cut is really worth the extra 20-30 minutes. I love the time it takes with the story, the way it divides it into chapters and how the extent of the horror is right there on the screen. It definitely does not shy away from the more gruesome plot points. The performance that Rebecca Ferguson, as the “steam” sucking evil queen Rose the Hat, delivers is weird, sexy and very dark and horrific. She is great as is Ewan McGregor as the adult Dan Torrance. Then we have the tone of the film and how Flanagan portrays such fantastical aspects in the book like the “telepathy”, “steam”, “shining” or that amazing sequence when one characters is caught in a trap in another’s head. I know! sounds like it should not work but it so does.


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