45 Years (Michael Haigh – 2015) B+

They have been married 45 years. Their anniversary is Saturday. the film opens the week before that. The couple, Kate and Geoff, is played perfectly by Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay. Geoff receives a letter that the body of his long ago girlfriend was found. He lost her on a hiking trip through the Swiss Alps when they were in their 20’s. Kate knows the story but it is a long forgotten one. Now memories, emotions, things that might’ve or could’ve been come to the surface as the movie progresses towards the Saturday anniversary. It’s a tender lovely film. It’s not about huge revelations or high drama. I liked Kate and Geoff from frame one and I think you have to like them to stick with them just like they have to like each other to get through 45 years and an emotional week.


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