The Daytrippers (Greg Mottola – 1996) A-

A simple handwritten letter from “Sandy” starts it all. Eliza (Hope Davis) is very happily married to Louis (Stanley Tucci) but on this morning after Thanksgiving she finds that latter on the floor. It could be nothing, it could mean a lot. Of course her mom (The late great Anne Meara) is immediately on the “he’s cheating” bandwagon. Eliza, her mom, dad, sister (Parker Posey) and her sister’s pretentious intellectual boyfriend (Liev Schreiber) pack into her dad’s station wagon and they are off to the city to clear the matter up with Louis. The film unfolds over that day trip in a series of conversations and confrontations and characters. It’s a favorite style of mine, this type of movie about very little and so much. It’s a classic.


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