The Last Black Man in San Francisco (Joe Talbot – 2019) A

Stranger than I expected and really fascinating. From the first few minutes this immediately places us in San Francisco that seems a bit surreal. It’s seems too cheesy perhaps to say this but this film with it’s emotional connections, beautiful music and foggy sunny setting is like a poem. It’s a scene after scene of poetry. It’s about a man, Jimmie, who loves a house, it’s his old family home in San Fran that his family lost. His grandfather built it himself he loves to say. Jimmie (Jimmie Fails) hangs out with his friend Monty (Jonathan Montgomery) and he goes down to the house he does not own to maintain it whenever he can. He wants to buy the lovely home. Does he have the money? of course not. Can he get it? It does not matter. This is not about a guy defying the odds to buy the house of his dreams. It’s about belonging to a place, loving a city and the heartache of being felt left behind out of place and putting that on the screen.


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