Blow Out (Brian De Palma – 1981) B

I think over all I am not a huge fan De Palma. Not sure what it is exactly that turns me off in his work. Maybe the feeling that I get that everyone in every movie he makes is over acting, the artifice is on full display and it pulls me out of whatever it is I am watching. This one might actually be one of his better films. I like the premise of a sound mixing guy (John Travolta) who works on cheap B and soft-core movies and then he witnesses an accident. He captures it not on film, but on his microphones. He can tell that the car that went over the bridge had the tire shot out. It was not a blow out. The process of him matching the sound to the series of photographs that were taken of the accident by a sleazy photographer is fascinating. Then you have everything around this main theme that did not work for me. We have the girl who was in the car (Nancy Allen) delivering a cheesy performance. We have the odd plot of an assassin that -as far as I can tell- went rogue. That would be John Lithgow delivering a laughably over the top performance. Anyways, it’s not bad, just not that good either and seems like a wasted opportunity.


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