Avengers: Endgame (Anthony and Joe Russo – 2019) A+

Yes, this deserves the top grade. It’s not a perfect movie but this is not about one “superhero” movie. This is about the emotional, fun, sad, amazing, spectacular last 10 years (or so) of my life that MCU made ever slightly better. The fact that they pulled it off with this so “right” capper is a wonderful improbability. At 3 hours and some, it takes us on a journey for those characters who I’ve known so well to try and fix what happened in the previous film. These do not feel like flat characters in fantasy movie but flawed interesting real people (and raccoons and green aliens, trees, and gods…). Is time travel involved? sure…Does it 100% make sense? Well, of course it does not. It does do that very well though and has fun with it. That time travel gives us some awesome and sweet character moments. Beyond the fights and CGI, this one paces slowly and give these people time to breath and interact. We get well executed and touching family moments. Each character has an arc that I will not go into but I loved all of them, from Thor’s to Cap to the one who started it all – Iron Man. When we hear those words, “I am Iron Man”, towards the end of the film it really hit home and underscored the long fun journey of this series.


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