Mother! (Darren Aronofsky – 2017) A

I avoided any conversations and articles about this movie and it took me a long time to get around to seeing it.  It’s an aggressively rough movie, while it might not seem so at the beginning, it gets crazier and more horrific as it culminates and comes full circle.  The focus of the movie is of course on the character of Mother (Jennifer Lawrence). Most of the movie is shot with close-ups of her and tracking shots behinds her and over her shoulder. We experience the whole thing from her perspective. It’s very effective as we feel her angst, fear and confusion every step of the way. It’s a movie about fame, the media and those who suffer as a result from one perspective I suppose. The more fascinating perspectives though are those of creation and destruction. Of those who decide to destroy what they have been given by god, nature or Mother. Or maybe it is just a horror movie about the worst house guests ever (Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer do an awesome job here). It’s a fascinating film that is at times difficult to watch but I am glad I did.


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