Roma (Alfonso Cuaron – 2018) A+

This is a classic already in my book. It’s so well made, so spectacular in its look and details. It shows what a master Cuaron is and why he is one of my all time favorite movie makers. This is a movie about human beings, life and real people. The film is set in 1970 Mexico city and shot in gorgeous black and white. It centers on Cleo, one of two maids for a middle class family. She is quiet, attentive and really loves the four kids under her care. For the first 20 minutes or so, we are just observing her daily routine as she cleans, cooks, gossips with the other maid, tucks the kids in bed and even shares some time with the family as they watch TV.

We observe the world through her perception. Like his masterpiece “Y Tu Mama Tambien“, Mexico is another character in the background. Cleo hears about some political unrest, some land issues, a revolution perhaps but it is in the background as she deals with boyfriend issues and family matters that her employer is going through. There is so much going on here. It is filmed with such loving detail that this will pay even more on repeat viewings.


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