The Kindergarten Teacher (Sara Colangelo – 2018) A-

It’s a teacher who gets obsessed with a 6 year old. Not sexually, but non the less, still messed up. Maggie Gyllenhaal plays the teacher initially very sympathetically. We like that she is taking the time to support her student as he shows sign of being a brilliant poet. He might be a prodigy. She does not want the world, his too busy dad, the dad’s immature girlfriend or the whole system to assimilate him and tamp over his genius. As the layers peel though we follow her into her family and personal life. She wants to be a poet, she is enrolled in night classes but she is not nearly as good as this kid. This is a portrait of an obsessed woman who is middle aged and feels like she is never going to be all she dreamed she wants to be. It’s really well directed and Gyllenhaal’s performance is excellent as is the young actor’s who plays the six-year old Jimmy.

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