The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) (Noah Baumbach – 2017) A-

Adam Sandler really is a very good actor when he wants to be. He usually chooses to make shit movies. In this case he does an excellent job as Danny, the oldest Meyerowitz sibling. He’s a bit down on his luck, has a bad hip and a free-spirited daughter about to go to college. He is not as successful as his brother Matthew (Ben Stiller) who lives in Los Angeles, has a good career as an architect and a good family life. Their sister, Jean (played so amazingly well by Elizabeth Marvel) is demur, soft-spoken and seems stunted somehow. Their father, Harold (Dustin Hoffman), is quiet the character. He’s an old curmudgeon, an opinionated sculptor who holds himself in very high regard. It is an excellent family drama centering around a father who everyone loves even if they don’t like everything about him. When he gets hurt shortly before the opening of a small exhibit to honor him, the siblings are forced to interact more than they had in years. It is a funny movie but it is not a comedy. It can be sad, tough and honest as well. That is a tough balance to strike but Baumbach and his excellent cast make it work.


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