The Player (Robert Altman – 1992) B+

The trademark loose (I don’t know how better to describe it…maybe “fluid” is a better word) camera style of the late great Robert Altman is at excellent display here. The opening one long shot goes on for what seems like 10 minutes as it goes all around a studio, the offices, lots, producers, actors, random Japanese investors, peeks in on various conversations from different vantage points and then back to where we started with the Tim Robbins character, Griffin Mill. He’s a big shot movie producer who needs a hit. He’s not a good guy, more of a jerk really. He’s getting weird threatening post cards and starts trying to figure out which possible script writer whom he insulted might be the one sending them…It’s a Hollywood story about producers, writers, agents and greed told with Altman’s unique style and with his trademark huge cast of characters who seem to live in the picture and not just act in it.


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