Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Rian Johnson – 2017) B+

Rian Johnson’s second film in the Rey story of the Star Wars universe is a blast. It’s not just a fun movie with amazing imagery, great editing, awesome battles and new worlds but it is a movie that expands the universe and deals with interesting themes. It upends many of what we thought was important from The Force Awakens and tosses it out of the way. It deals with class struggle, heritage and the importance (or not) of where someone is from or who their family might be. It is not perfect and a B story where Finn and a new character named Rose go in search of a code breaker is a bit distracting and does not pay off in any meaningful way. That is not to say it was a total throw away thread but it is not one that I was as eager to follow as I was about the main story line with Rey and Luke. It’s also worth saying how well it handles Luke Skywalker’s story arc and wraps it up so perfectly.


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