While We’re Young (Noah Baumbach – 2014) A

From the opening shot when I met Cornelia and Josh and their old friends who just became new parents I was hooked on this little movie. It’s a wonderful drama about growing old, friendship and appreciating your stage in life whatever that maybe. These characters feel real and though we might not know people exactly like them, we just feel like we know them and their flaws. It’s not a film with a lot of answers. Instead, it raises a lot of interesting questions after the artsy duo of Cornelia and Josh meet the younger far artsier and maybe cooler Jamie and Darby. They have it figured out…they are free and live in the moment and say fuck you to each other, but in a playful lovable way. She makes vegan ice cream and he makes documentaries. They are the ultimate hipsters who the older couple feels they missed out on being. Is there ever a good time to have a baby? Am I too old to wear a hipstery hat (probably)? Are these young 20-somethings so much cooler than I am? Or are they just as clueless but in a different way? The best stories are those that deal with all the grey areas in life. There rarely is any black and white.


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