It (Andy Muschietti – 2017) A-

I grew up reading Stephen King and if i had to pick a favorite American author it would be him. I love his writing style and distinctly American characters with few exceptions (Dreamcatcher? Cell? oh boy…). The movies based on King’s novels though can be divided into 2 camps: garbage or really damn good. No real in-between. Too bad the majority fall in that first camp. So, i was very happy to see how good this adaptation of It turned out. The film gets it. It’s about the interaction of the characters, their friendship and childhood.

It’s an interesting decision to focus only on the children portion of the story as opposed to switching back and forth between the children and adults the way the book does. So, I am looking forward to Chapter II of It that will surely be done next year. Since it is only the first “half” of the huge novel, with the characters as children in Derry, Maine the actors have to be good. They are, all of them do a fantastic job here and they are all age-appropriate. We do not have any weird 20 somethings playing high schoolers. The demon-clown, Pennywise, is perfectly portrayed. His design, the drooling, his eyes and his shifting between menace and creepy friendly tone are all excellent. It’s really well made, with great direction and script and is a fantastic looking movie. Who knows, maybe we’ll get a good Salem’s Lot adaptation from Muschietti at some point too.


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