Burnt (John Wells – 2015) C

Over the top scenes and a real uneven character development in this one. It tries to be both a serious film about the obsession of the high-end cooking craft while also making a limp attempt at building a character with some background in substance abuse. Our anti-hero chef played by Bradley Cooper (doing a good job when not overacting) crashed, then shucked 1 million oysters as penance and now he is back to take the 3 stars. He is a hot head obviously but but very talented. His ex-dealer shows up twice for some money he owes him still. He takes digs at modernist cooking. Then he is convinced to start sous vide-ing some stuff, then not…He has a couple of blowups at the kitchen staff. He even has an archenemy played not so well by Mathew Rhys who runs his kitchen like a lab…which is bad I suppose. Still, I obviously like the topic and setting. It also has some good scenes in the restaurant kitchen and on the line.


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