Logan (James Mangold – 2017) A-

This film is one of the best treatments of a comic book character since Dark Knight. It’s a solid movie about loss, love, friendship, family and lots of sharp long Adamantium claws slicing through people. Logan is set in 2029 and seems a far cry from the Marvel universe. It’s a movie that stands very well on its own and shows us Wolverine who is aged, hulking and tired. He is not saving the world or travelling through time. He is just trying to take care the the very old Charles Xavier. The X-Men are all gone and really there is no mission here. He is not going to spring back into action and start hero work again. He’s winding down…The plot centers on a little girl named Laura who possibly might be a mutant. She is basically thrown at him and he has no real choice but to try an get her to a meeting spot near the Canadian border. There are a lot of excellent action scenes here and the performances by everyone, especially the young actress who plays Laura and Patrick Stewart as Professor X are perfect. What really makes it work though is how human and character-focused it is. Mangold did not make a superhero movie, he made a movie about a character we like and showed us how great he can be when there is no formula to follow.

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