The Witch (Robert Eggers – 2016) A-

This is an unconventional creepy horror film that is genuinely scary at times. It is not out for the jump scares and over-the-top violence (both of which I do not like much). Instead it immerses us in a world of religion, witchcraft and just the type of moody horror that makes your skin crawl because it is not fully understood or explained. It is so well shot and even better performed by the small cast. It is set in the 1600s and has a cast of 2 adults and their 4 children living alone in the woods of New England. They were more like banished to the woods by their community because the father believes he is more pure and more God-fearing than his neighbors. It goes downhill in the woods and slowly the family starts losing members literally and maybe figuratively. We start getting the sense of dread, chaos and evil. We are really not sure of what we are witnessing as the pious father tries to keep his family together. We know this will not end well even before we see it happen. This all works incredibly well with amazing performances by those kids and period-specific olde English dialogue.


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